«We actively work for a better world.»

At Andino Group, we believe that innovation and responsibility go hand in hand. We strive to lead the way towards a more sustainable future, where the chemical industry can coexist harmoniously with the environment. Our commitment to sustainability is not only a fundamental part of our business philosophy but also a reflection of our deep respect for the planet and future generations. That's why we have developed two initiatives focused on sustainability: Andigreen and mAshc3.


A sustainable business unit focused on creating a positive impact on the environment, society, and the economy.

What we offer?


Green Line

Offers a range of products derived from animal waste and plant-based materials. These products provide effective solutions that replace chemicals derived from hydrocarbons and fossil fuels, reducing our dependence on non-renewable resources and decreasing our environmental impact.



Crude oils of: Soybean, Sunflower, Canola, Palm, Palm Kernel; Refined Vegetable Oils: canola, palm, rapeseed, palm kernel, sunflower; Sludges, Vegetable Fatty Acids, Animal Fat, Animal Viscera, UCO (Used Cooking Oil), POME (Palm Oil Mill Effluent), Biodiesel, Ethanol, Fusel Oil, Crude Glycerol, Refined Glycerin.



Develop strategic assets to offer logistics services to producers and end users of green products (terminals, ships, warehouses for liquids and solids, specialized transport.)



Map the entire carbon footprint being generated by each of the companies and business units within the corporate group and implement economically viable projects to reduce the carbon footprint to a neutral or negative state (Medium Term).



Offer consulting services to clients and suppliers so they can map their carbon footprint and implement improvement projects.


Options for:

Trading and Carbon Credit Generation (Long Term).

Are you interested in what Andigreen has to offer you?


Environment – Safety – Hygiene

In an environment where the marketing of chemical substances, the handling of cargo vessels, and the management of a storage terminal are part of our daily routine, our priority is to maintain impeccable operation standards to prevent spills, accidents involving substances, and safeguard the safety of our valuable personnel.

In mAshc3, we implement rigorous processes that ensure environmental protection, staff safety, and hygiene in all our operations. We are committed to complying with the most demanding regulations and standards, which drives us to design and implement systems that ensure compliance with ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, and ISO 45001:2018 standards.


Quality – Control – Compliance

In mAshc3, we train and educate our staff to obtain and maintain ISO certifications, ensuring quality and continuous improvement in all our activities. Additionally, we disseminate and reinforce the code of conduct and business ethics, ensuring integrity and transparency in all our commercial actions.

Regarding compliance, we are committed to the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and have a strict Anti-Corruption Compliance Policy that guides our business practices.

mAshc3 is the pillar of trust and commitment with which we operate day by day, ensuring that our activities are sustainable, safe, and ethical at all times.

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