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At Andikem, we specialize in the marketing of chemicals and raw materials, serving as a vital link between suppliers and end users throughout Latin America. Our extensive network of suppliers worldwide allows us to offer a wide range of products, ensuring our customers an unparalleled selection and meeting the specific needs of each project.

For suppliers, we represent a strategic gateway to the thriving Latin American market. With an established and constantly growing customer base, we provide the opportunity to reach new horizons and expand your reach in the region. Our strong presence in the Americas positions us as a reliable and effective partner to maximize your sales potential.

In Andikem, acquisition and placement go beyond a commercial transaction; they represent a synergy between suppliers and customers, driven by our dedication to excellence and commitment to mutual success.


The Andino Group has Anditerminals, a division focused on storage with contracts in key ports in Latin America, including Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela, and Panama. With our own terminal in Tuxpan, Mexico, we guarantee security and efficiency for your products.

Our terminal in Tuxpan offers 17,500 m3 of storage across 25 tanks, catering to various logistical needs. Furthermore, our network of contracts provides us with international reach and flexibility to adapt to your requirements.

At Anditerminals, we are committed to providing you with reliable and professional storage solutions. Our team of experts is available to provide advice and support at every step of the process, ensuring a seamless storage experience.



Andishipping, a division of the Andino Group, specializes in reliable maritime transport of a wide range of products, from chemicals to vegetable oils and clean liquid cargoes. With three carefully selected vessels, we ensure safety, efficiency, and transparency in all our operations.

Operating time-charters on key logistical routes, we offer services to both our clients and third parties, adapting to their specific needs. Our vessels, all made of stainless steel and meticulously maintained, can handle multiple segregated grades of liquid cargo, ensuring cargo integrity at all times.

With a chartering and operations team dedicated to providing maximum flexibility, Andishipping offers comprehensive and reliable maritime transport solutions. Additionally, through Andikem, we coordinate land transportation for those clients who do not have their own means of transport, ensuring a hassle-free logistics experience.

Training and Consulting

We are equipped to provide training on the proper handling and manipulation of chemical substances, ensuring safety and compliance with the highest standards of occupational safety in some countries.

Our team is trained to provide guidance on the processes for obtaining special permits required by the government or other regulatory bodies for the purchase and sale of chemical substances, ensuring compliance with all applicable regulations.

Through our Andigreen unit, we offer consulting services for clients and suppliers who wish to map their carbon footprint and develop and implement environmental improvement projects. We are committed to sustainability and ready to help our clients achieve their environmental and corporate social responsibility goals. Trust us to provide you with the support and guidance you need to succeed in your operations.


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