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Recovery from Covid-19 in the Petrochemical and Logistics Industry in Latin America


In the "Latin America Petrochemicals and Logistics - Covid-19 Recovery Roadmap" report from May 2021, the Oxford Business Group analyzes resilience, response, recovery, and reinvention in the petrochemical industry of Latin America. As part of the section on technology and innovation, the introduction of new technologies to reduce costs and use resources more efficiently is highlighted.

Andino Holdings: A case study in the reinvention of the petrochemical industry in Latin America

Andino Holdings, a multinational company based in Houston with a presence in several countries in Latin America, has been highlighted as a case study in this report. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Andino was able to quickly adapt to the new reality, maintaining the operation of its corporate offices and demonstrating relatively high resilience compared to other market players. Its ability to respond quickly to market demands has been crucial in maintaining sales and customer satisfaction.

Andino's ability to adapt and maintain efficient operations has been especially beneficial in South America, where producers and customers have limited resources and operate on tight deadlines. Although the outlook for 2021 remains uncertain, the petrochemical industry in Latin America has demonstrated its flexibility in the face of changing market demands.

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