terminal de andino holdings en tuxpan, veracruz, méxico

Interview GBR with Peter Staartjes, CEO of Andino Holdings


Peter Staartjes shares his vision on the chemical market in Latin America in the "Latin America Petrochemicals and Chemicals, APLA Edition" publication of the Global Business Report in October 2018. Here is a summary of the interview.

Brief Introduction to Andino Holdings

Andino Holdings is composed of four different profit centers: trade, maritime transport, bulk chemical storage, and the facilities necessary for our compliance activity. Additionally, Andino has a well-endowed business and development division, responsible for investments and acquisitions mainly of terminals and compliance facilities.

Focus on Direct Contact Between End Users and Producers

After many years in the distribution business, my conclusion was that there was so much focus on suppliers and resolving conflicts of interest that it became evident to me that the customer was incidental. Andino's intention is to refocus attention on customers by building the most efficient and economical supply chain to support the compliance of chemical raw materials, especially for smaller and medium-sized customers whom producers currently cannot sell to.

Focus on Specialized Chemicals

A specific example of this would be our terminal in Tuxpan, located in the state of Veracruz. Our intention is to turn it into a complete blending and mixing facility where we can offer end users, especially in oil and gas, solutions for all their needs in a strategically located facility. We will have bulk liquid commodities as well as dry and specialized products, all available to be mixed according to the instructions and needs of the different service companies in the area.

Importance of Mexico for Andino's Operations in Latin America

Mexico is by far the largest market for us in Latin America, but it offers much more value for our regional development; it provides not only terminal operation possibilities but also creates trade routes for our self-steering vessels that we employ on both sides of the country's Caribbean and Pacific.

Impact of the Acquisition of the Maritime Terminal in Tuxpan

We have owned the Tuxpan facility since September 2017. It was built by Dow Chemical in the 1960s and was acquired by Exxon Chemical in the 1990s and has always been maintained in excellent condition. It is a very important asset for our future as it allows us to be an alternative for producers in the United States and elsewhere to meet the needs of small and medium-sized customers in Mexico.

Outlook for Mexico as a Key Market

Mexico has a growing population and its basic needs are food, transportation, and employment. The automotive and appliance industries will continue to be fundamental for Mexican industrialists due to the country's proximity to the United States, as well as its highly educated workforce. We particularly believe in a very strong oil and gas market thanks to the regulatory change that took place recently and the successful bidding rounds for offshore drilling that have followed. The need for chemical imports in Mexico will continue to grow at a healthy pace, and we believe that service and infrastructure will be crucial to capitalize on this and to capture the potential growth in the Mexican market.

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