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Andino Holdings,LLC

Located in the city of Houston, Andino Holdings is the headquarters of our business group and houses all our compliance service divisions. Founded by Peter Staartjes in 2013, Andino Holdings was established with the aim of offering world-class delivery services in the Americas region. We focus especially on serving small and medium-sized producers, as well as end users who have historically had limited access to competitive supply chains.

Since our first shipment in 2014, transporting methanol from Trinidad to Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru, we have grown to employ nearly 100 people. Currently, we manage over 75 products through 9 regional storage facilities and control 3 bulk liquid vessels. At Andino Holdings, we pride ourselves on providing comprehensive and high-quality logistics solutions to meet the needs of our customers throughout the region.


Andino Chemical International (ACI)

Andino Chemical International LLC is the strategic procurement arm of the Andino Group, playing a crucial role in our global operations. Our mission is to provide comprehensive support to all local Andikem operations, as well as to provide indent based quotations to external customers. We specialize in acquiring high-quality chemicals, working closely with certified manufacturers to ensure excellence in every transaction. With our versatility, we offer customers the ability to move, store, and deliver goods in bulk or in containers, adapting to their specific needs with efficient and secure logistical solutions.

With a focus on quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction, ACI strives to establish strong and lasting relationships with business partners. Our commitment to excellence drives us to constantly seek new opportunities and innovative solutions to meet the demands of an ever-evolving market.



Andishipping specializes in the safe, efficient, and reliable transportation of a wide variety of chemicals, vegetable oils, CPP, and clean liquid cargoes. As Charterers, we understand the complexities and priorities of cargo owners in today's market, so we have established time charter contracts on routes with logistical needs, offering our services to customers and third parties.

We carefully select our vessels to achieve an optimal balance between capacity and cost. Currently, we manage a tonnage that is 100% stainless steel on meticulously maintained vessels, capable of handling multiple segregated grades of liquid cargo. Our chartering and operations team seeks to offer the greatest flexibility and transparency to our charters, ensuring efficient and safe management of maritime operations.



We operate our own terminal in Tuxpan, Mexico, with 17,500 m3 of storage distributed across 25 tanks, strategically located 300 km northeast of Mexico City. Our short-term expansion plans include increasing the number of storage tanks, developing an area for substance mixing, and implementing special packaging. Additionally, we have storage contracts at the main ports of Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela, and Panama, offering services to third parties and ensuring the safe and efficient delivery of products supplied by our AndiKem model.

Whether at our 17,500 m3 marine installation in Tuxpan, Mexico, or at over 30,000 m3 of tanks and storage space distributed across 8 regional locations, Anditerminals is ready to handle and store your products with the utmost care and control in the industry.



It stands out as an innovative model of delivery services in the chemical industry, effectively integrating all Andino companies into a unified supply chain. Its approach is based on a perfectly integrated logistics network, ensuring a direct and efficient connection between producers and end users. This comprehensive approach guarantees full traceability from the origin of the product to its final destination, ensuring a transparent and efficient process.

Unlike conventional distributors, Andikem applies a predetermined service commission strategy instead of a sales margin, resulting in greater transparency in the market and achieving more competitive prices for both producers and consumers. With a strong presence in the United States, Mexico, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela, Trinidad and Tobago, Andikem is positioned as a key player in the chemical industry, offering innovative and efficient solutions for the entire supply chain.

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